Gourmet Menus

Isabelle and Jean Luc offer local cuisine that will take you on a journey of discovery of the Haute Loire and its wealth of excellent produce !



> Menu Terroir du Velay

> Menu Jules Romains

> L’Ardoise du Jour

> Child Menu

> La Carte

The Chef is happy to accommodate special requests and requirements: 
vegetarian, vegan, allergies.
A list of potential allergens is displayed in the restaurant.


A list of potential allergens is displayed in the restaurant. MAÎTRE RESTAURATEUR & "AUTHENTIC" CUISINE

The aim of the “Maître Restaurateur” title is to recognise the excellence of the best professionals running traditional restaurants, by highlighting their skills and their commitment to quality.
The beneficiaries of the scheme are independent restaurants or restaurants belonging to small local chains.

– Producing “authentic” cuisine, run directly by a restaurateur or chef, not producing “assembled” dishes or simply reheating pre-prepared dishes;
– Committed to adhering to a few simple rules that guarantee a quality service (the “welcome”, table service, decoration);
– Complying with health and safety regulations.
Dishes presented as “home cooked” are made on site from fresh produce.
These points are checked by an audit carried out by a declared, independent certifying body.
In addition, applicants for the title must have a professional qualification or proven experience of running a restaurant.
We apologise in advance for any product that may, on occasion, not be available, but for us this is a guarantee of quality and freshness.
And we have our local producers to thank for that quality