• Hôtel*** Le Barriol en Haute-Loire

A cuisine of the soil and an authentic welcome

In the heart of Haute-Loire, Le Barriol is a dilightful spot, ideally situated at an altitude of 815 metres in charming Jules Romain country.
Situated on the Santiago de Compostela route and the St Régis hiking trail, our establishment is perfect for lovers of authentic countryside, hiking and a good table.
As well as mere board and lodgning, Isabelle and Jean-Luc Dolléans offer the warmest of welcomes and local cuisine in a rustic setting, with stone walls, a handsome fireplace and warm, homely colours. At Le Barriol, it is the soul of Auvergne that vibrates and breathes, a pure and uncomromising, genuine, living soul.
Let yourself be won over by the magic of an authentic place with the promise of a pure Auvergnat gastronomic experience.

Isabelle et Jean Luc.